Provider FAQs

1. Who is the local district?  Is the local district OCFS or DSS?

The local district is your county’s Department of Social Services office.

2. Is the CCFS ID the same as my Facility ID?

A CCFS ID is your Childcare Facility Services ID.  The local district will provide you with your CCFS ID to use for registration.  If you are licensed to operate a day care center or a group family day care home, or registered to operate a family day care home, school-age child care facility or small day care center, your CCFS ID is the license or registration ID displaying on the lower left side of your license or registration document.   If you are an enrolled legally exempt provider, your CCFS ID is your Enrollment Number printed in the upper left of your Notice to Provider of Enrollment.

3. Will all of the children who I care for appear on the same attendance screen regardless of what family they are in?

All of the children at your facility will be listed on the same attendance screen.

4. Is there a specific time increment we need to use when entering attendance?